Granbury Ghosts & Legends Tours

119 E Bridge St, Granbury, TX 76048

When the sun goes down, the ghosts come out to play in Granbury. Luckily, like Granbury’s living residents, they are all pretty friendly. The historic downtown square is a hub for things that go bump in the night, a home to past residents who just want our guests to feel welcome here. Residents like the Little Faceless Girl at Market on the Square. All she wants is someone to play with, and maybe she’ll even show you how pretty she is in her blue dress!Mary Lou, former owner of the Nutt House Hotel, just wants to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible. She might even turn the ceiling fan on for you, a true blessing in these hot Texas summers!

Young Audrey Gordon is waiting to meet you at the Langdon Center just off the square. She especially loves to play with children, especially when music is involved. You just might hear her taking a turn on the piano!Even our most infamous spirit shows hospitality to Granbury’s visitors. John Wilkes Booth, better known to locals as John St. Helen, is believed to haunt the Granbury Opera House after escaping his execution, sometimes likes to join the audience at a performance. He has been known to be a little foul-mouthed to paranormal investigators who try to provoke him, however.

When you visit Granbury, you’re sure to get a warm welcome from everyone you meet, whether they are living or not. Granbury may be where Texas history lives, but it’s also where Texas history never left.

Brandy Herr is author of Haunted Granbury and owns and conducts the Granbury Ghost and Legends Tour around the Granbury Square Friday and Saturday nights

$10, $7 for 12 and under